Daruz Zahra (a), meaning adobe of Zahra (a) is a religious, social, educational and community center located in the heart of Alipur. Daruz Zahra (a) is a largest multiple purpose Shia complex in Karnataka State. The versatile activities conducted throughout the year make it the most significant and intensive useful community center.

The pointed arches, sky lighted halls, tall doorways with carved doors, twin minarets, topped with onion shaped dome, silver zarieh mubarak, Persian calligraphy on walls, illuminated houza ilmiya, plain and simple utility buildings, quarters, welfare office, the lush green gardens, bordered with elegant boundary wall on 4 acres of land, and the three gateways opening to Masjide Jafaria, Imam Khomeini and Houzia Roads in the heart of the town makes it an architectural, spiritual and heavenly center for visitors.

The foundation stone of Daruz Zahra (a) was laid by Siqatul Islam Maulana Syed Abbas Hussain Al Baqri Tabe sarah in the year 1985 in spacious Jafaria Baagh on one side and a pond (Bellikunte) on other side. A construction committee with the cooperation of Anjuman-e Jafari was formed under his leadership to undertake the construction activities. The committee completed the structure and molding of ground and first floor.

Upon the sad demise of Siqatul Islam in the year 1997, Maulana Syed Mohammed Zaki Baqri Saheb Qibla took the leadership and renamed the committee as Daruz Zahra (a) Committee. The newly formed committee completed the construction and the central building (astana) was formally inaugurated on 8th Jamadiul awwal 1425 hijri (June 27, 2004) by Maulana Mohammed Zaki Baqri Saheb Qibla along with eminent scholars, political leaders and religious organisations in presence of a large gathering from various places.

Daruz Zahra Committee added many utility buildings and Madraseh Zahra (a) in the course of the time. The scope of the committee’s work extended to social, economical and welfare activities apart from managing the Daruz Zahra Complex and organising the annual congregation commonly known as Makhsosi in Ayyame Fatimiyya.


An annual religious gathering for five day in commemoration of martyrdom of Bibi Fatima Zahra (s.a) was organized from 9th to 13th
Jamadi-ul Awwal month, thousands of mourners – locals and visitors from different parts of India attended it. Majalis, Juloos, Youth Camps, Health Camp, Conferences and other programs were held during the Makhsosi. Arrangement of Tabarruk and lodging for guests of Bibi Zahra (s.a) were well taken care.

On 14th
Jamidi-ul Awwal month, a grand Jashn was organized to celebrate the birth anniversary of fourth Imam Sayyed Sajjad (a). Poets from Bazm-e Meesam and renowned poets from other places presented their kalaam in glory of Imam (a).

Ladies Majalis in commemoration of martyrdom of Bibi Fatima Zahra (s.a) (according to another narration) was organized from 1st to 5th Jamadi-ul Akhir month

Jashn-e Zahra (s), Yaume Zahra (s), Islamic and Quran competitions were held between 15 and 20th Jamadip-ul Akhir exclusively for ladies in celebration of the birth of Bibi Fatima Zahra (s).

A grand Jashn was organized for gents on the night of 20th Jamadip-ul Akhir, poets from Bazm-e Meesam and renowned poets from Hyderababd were invited to present their kalaam in the glory of Bibi (s). Tabarruk was arranged for the attendees.

Majalis of Sayyedush Shohda (a) were held every day during the first Ashra of the Moharrum month and continued on important dates of the ayyame-aza.

☞ Tabarruk arrangement by various sponsors for both ladies and gents throughout the year. Over seventy dawath-e aam (gaon ki dawath) and many khaas-dawaths were held in the vicinity of the complex in the year.

☞ Shab Bedari was organized by Idare Abuzaria in a heavenly manner on the night of 7th Rabi-ul awwal

Tailoring, Beauty, Crafting, and Computer Courses are conducted for the ladies throughout the year in collaboration with Government agencies and NGOs. Some courses are supported by the Government with monthly stipend to trainees and free sewing machine distribution after course completion.

A correspondence degree course, Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from prestigious Bangalore University was started. Eighteen ladies enrolled in to it and four students successfully completed the degree B.A. with distinctions.  

Nikah Ceremonies (weddings) are held in the spacious halls throughout the year. Dining, Decorations, Furniture facility is extended at host’s discretion.

☞ Conferences, Seminars, Trainings, Meetings, Health Camps, and Youth Camps on educational, social, political and religious topics are held during the year.

☞ Majalis for aesaal sawab of Marhomeen were organised during the year by the deceased family members.

☞ Mahafil are organised on the occasion of the birth anniversaries of Ahlul-Bayt (a) and on important Islamic events viz. Eide Ghadeer.


The trust has plans and initiated the construction of a separate building in the Daruz Zahra Complex to start with full fledged educational courses up to the level of university exclusively for the ladies. It will not only to serve the local population but to attract students from across the world. The curriculum and activities are planned in such a way that the students have the opportunity to acquire world-class education with moral training in a safe and spiritual environment.

There is a plan to construct hall in first floor of present dining hall building to facilitate lodging for visitors. A separate ladies hostel facility is underway for visitors and resident students.

The trust has plans to distribute the scholarship for meritorious students who opt to pursue higher education. The trust will also honour the toppers of board-examinations (Class 10 and II PUC) with monetary prize.