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Daruz Zahra (a), meaning adobe of Zahra (a) is a religious, social, educational and community center located in the heart of Alipur. Daruz Zahra (a) is a largest multiple purpose Shia complex in Karnataka State. The versatile activities conducted throughout the year make it the most significant and intensive useful community center.

The pointed arches, sky lighted halls, tall doorways with carved doors, twin minarets, topped with onion shaped dome, silver zarieh mubarak, Persian calligraphy on walls, illuminated houza ilmiya, plain and simple utility buildings, quarters, welfare office, the lush green gardens, bordered with elegant boundary wall on 4 acres of land, and the three gateways opening to Masjide Jafaria, Imam Khomeini and Houzia Roads in the heart of the town makes it an architectural, spiritual and heavenly center for visitors.


MOULANA SAYYED ABBAS HUSSAIN AL-BAQRI, whose lineage is linked to the 5th Imam Hadhrat Mohammed Baqir (a), was a renowned Islamic scholar of South India during the 20th century. He is titled and known as Thiqatih ul Islam (Trustee of Islam) for his unparalleled spiritual services throughout the State of Karnataka.

Blessed is the day (25 Shawal 1311 Hijri) when a child was born to Maulana Asadullah Al-Baqri and Mohtarama Khamarunnisa Saheba as their first offspring in Alipur.  He was named Abbas Hussain in the memory of the two valiant brothers of Karbala, Hadhrat Abbas (a) and Imam Hussain (a).

Maulana Syed Zaki Baqri is an interpreter of Islam, representing the true Islam of prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) and the twelve Imam’s (A.S) after him (S.A.W.W) and in line with the school of Wali e Faqih-A rare combination indeed these days to be found in West . He combines his thorough religious knowledge of Islam and uses it as a guide to show everyone how to lead a balanced life.

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Watch live TV from Dar-Uz-Zahra Centre. This service broadcasts Majalis, Noha, Marsiya, Lectures and other events at Dar-Uz-Zahra Centre Alipur South India.